Aims and Objects

  1. To explain about the Indian Constitution and Law.
  2. To look after the Educational and to give knowledge of education.
  3. To exibit the poems on the monthly Magazine.
  4. To give detail information regarding the story of Farmer/Agriculturist.
  5. To give the relevant information to the general public like Health is Wealth.
  6. To exibit the financial matters Savings, Insurance, Taxes information in
  7. our Magazine from time to time.
  8. To give analysis of contemporary politics in the monthly Magazine.
  9. To give latest informatin regardingly the Devotional.
  10. To give proper information and reference of Horoscope and Architecture.
  11. To conduct the Medical and Health camps in a frequent period.
  12. To do the clean and green programmes in defferent areas along with our members.
  13. To do the minor road, water Department works in defferent areas.
  14. To communicate the news in the defferent areas culture programes along with local and world wide news.

Founders Speech

A well experienced from social activist, and political since 2007 worked for Lok Satta Party as a State General Secretary from division, constituency and district level. Actively conducted press meets, Round Table Meeting, Debates, Shrama Dhanam, Clean & Green / Swachatha Programmes. Worked for "Lion Club" for 5 years adopted schools and conducted Health Camps in villages.

Jannepally Srinivas ReddyFounder President

A politically experienced person worked for BJP from Village to District level since 1986-2009 and Social work for Farmers as a Mandal President for Water user Associations for 6 years since 2009 actively participated in separate telangana movement as a state co-convener for "Telangana Parents Forum".

Boggula Madhava ReddyGeneral Secretary

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